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QL Digital Signage Software is available in Essential and Professional versions

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QL Essential


Per Month / Per Player
Annual plan
Easy to use / Instant set-up
30 days Free Trial

QL Professional


Per Month / Per Player
Annual plan
Our enterprise solution
30 days Free Trial

QL Essential


Perpetual licence / Per Player
Self-hosted server
30 days Free Trial

QL Professional


Perpetual licence / Per Player
Self-hosted server
30 days Free Trial

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QL Essential is accessible to everyone – Get your screens up and running in minutes

QL Professional is designed for the sophisticated, large scale and critical digital signage projects of enterprise users


QL Essential

QL Professional

QL Content Manager including Template Designer, Data Feed Manager and Monitoring (#AAP-40)

Optional add-on: Smart content automation , AI programming and rule based content triggering. Interactivity: Touch screen, lift and learn, sensor and context aware automation from live computer vision interpretation

Optional add-on: Advertising campaign management module, connection to platforms powering the buy and sell side of programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) advertising. Supply Side Platform (SSP) #BAP-10

Optional add-on: Expert module including advanced monitoring and playback and audience* reporting (#AAP-41) *: Audience reporting requires an Aquaji license.

QL Player Software see supported hardware

Optional add-on: Player Synchronization #BAP-14

Optional add-on: 8K – Insane Performance Rendering (Windows 64 bits) #BAP-21

Optional add-on: Server API #ASR-04

Are you a Digital Signage Operator?

Great! That’s our specialty.
Navori offers OEM solutions for large, critical, sophisticated digital signage systems

Upgrade and consolidate your existing screen networks

  • Use Navori QL technology as your platform so you can
    focus your developments team on UI and project
  • Most top network operators run on QL.
  • Competitive digital signage pricing

Benefits of upgrading to QL

  • Scalable digital signage software, capable of managing tens of thousands of screens
  • Meet any challenge with our software’s 800+ features
  • Compliant with all digital signage hardware devices
  • Use our API for application customization and project development
What is cloud based digital signage?

Cloud-based digital signage or SaaS based digital signage, is a hosted service billed annually on a per player basis. The software vendor provides access to the CMS through a web-based user interface and charges a monthly subscription fee for each player endpoint license. A service level agreement (SLA) is included as part of the solution.

Most cloud based digital signage providers will charge per player used, but watch out as some providers will try and increase their pricing based on how many users get access or how much bandwidth you are using on a monthly basis. Make sure to understand all associated costs before making a final choice.

More on understanding Digital Signage as a Service

What is on-premise digital signage software?

The on-premise digital signage server is hosted by the customer within his network infrastructure or in their own private cloud. The customer purchases perpetual licenses for the server and the individual players. On-premise digital signage software is typically favored by security conscious companies and organizations that do not want their data to ever leave their internal networks. Examples include government organizations, the military, banks and financial institutions etc…

Are there any hidden costs to be aware of when budgeting for digital signage?

While digital signage offers numerous benefits, it’s important to be aware of the potential hidden costs that can arise. One common hidden cost is related to content creation and management. While the initial investment may cover the hardware and software, ongoing expenses can accumulate when creating and updating engaging content regularly. This may involve hiring graphic designers, videographers, or content creators to maintain fresh and captivating visuals. Additionally, there may be costs associated with content management systems, licensing fees for third-party applications, and regular software updates. It’s crucial to factor in these hidden costs when planning a digital signage project to ensure a realistic budget and long-term sustainability.

Can digital signage pricing be negotiated?

In some cases, digital signage software pricing can be negotiated, especially when dealing with larger installations or long-term contracts. It’s advisable to discuss pricing and specific requirements with us to explore potential negotiation opportunities. As a general rule of thumb, the more licenses and devices you buy, the more barganinig power and ability to negotiate you will have. Volume based pricing incentives are common in the software worlds, and the digital signage industry is no different.

What factors affect the cost of digital signage content management software?

The cost of a digital signage CMS can be influenced by factors such as the number of displays or endpoints it supports, the complexity of the software features and capabilities, cloud-based versus on-premise hosting options, and the level of customer support or service provided. Be wary of systems that are extremely cheap, or even offered for free as it is generally an indication that you are getting a subpar or very old version of a digital signage software platform.

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