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Navori Player App for Samsung Tizen

Level-up Your Samsung Screens Using Navori Player App

Performance index: 75 /100

The benefits

Since 2018, Navori has established a partnership with Samsung HQ. Before their commercial release, new screen models are sent to and validated by Navori to ensure customers a trouble-free deployment. Navori Player is available from Tizen version 2.4 to the latest version, Tizen 7. Navori tests each screen and its functionalities thoroughly before they are released. This ensures that clients receive high-quality software with each new Samsung-supported model.

Navori Player enhances features, rendering quality, and screen control on Samsung screens. It works smoothly on Samsung hardware while keeping the professional features Navori is known for on different hardware types. Navori offers proprietary player software, ensuring professional rendering, seamless transitions between media, and sophisticated content display with real-time data, including Power BI dashboards.

Navori CMS also excels in real-time screen monitoring. It can remotely update the software and firmware of screens and remote controllers, including scheduled power on and off functions.

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Samsung Pros and Cons


  • End-to-end remote management with the ability for Navori software to remotely control the screen and upgrade its firmware
  • Samsung Tizen offers unwavering stability, ensuring reliable performance in any situation.
  • Security is ensured by Tizen thanks to its closed environments
  • Lower acquisition cost (CAPEX)


  • The Tizen operating system offers limited performance for delivering rich content, especially HTML5.
  • No 4K support
  • No other interactivity is supported than IP.
  • Replacing a screen is logistically more cumbersome than replacing a media player device in case of a breakdown.

Features available on Samsung

Media Type and Related Features Availability – Attribute

Navori Player seamlessly skips content and alerts the user in charge whenever the hardware does not support a feature or media. The software offers complete interoperability.