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The Next-Gen AI Digital Signage Player

Navori Labs proudly presents StiX 3800, an industry-first digital signage player featuring AI-driven audience analytics. Despite a decade of technological advancement, there is still room for improvement in player devices in the industry.

Enhancing industry solutions to ensure that all user messages are displayed effectively on screens while also developing key performance indicators that accurately reflect audience engagement and screen exposure time is essential.

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The StiX 3800 uses Navori’s professional native player, offering up to eight times better performance than the industry standard web player. It also has the power reserve to support new features and more advanced content over time.

StiX 3800 is available through major distributors in your region or directly from Navori via our subsidiaries in America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Contact us!

All-in-One Digital Signage Player

Top Performance and Versatility

Top Performance and Versatility

The StiX 3800 features the latest processors and GPU, enabling seamless 4K@60fps playback. The Navori app allows broadcasting across synchronized media players, with API support for on-demand content triggering and third-party hardware interaction. Rest assured of its reliable and high-quality performance.

AI Audience Analytics

AI Audience Analytics

StiX 3800 is a pioneering media player featuring an AI-driven VPU for unparalleled audience insights. Beyond basic metrics, it tracks dwell and screen exposure time, offering comprehensive analytics via the Navori CMS. Effortlessly analyze audience behavior and screen performance with real-time data feeds from the micro camera, enabling dynamic content personalization.

Seamless Screen Monitoring

Seamless Screen Monitoring

StiX 3800’s intuitive software allows you to effortlessly handle power, sources, and technical aspects. Leverage the Navori CMS for remote display control, ensuring maximum uptime and adaptability. Stay ahead with fluid screen monitoring, guaranteeing peak performance from anywhere.

Certified for Continuous Security

Certified for Continuous Security

The Navori StiX 3800 is FCC, CE, and BIS certified, ensuring it safeguards against new threats. Navori CMS remotely updates both the Android operating system and Navori player software, keeping the device current with the latest features and security patches. Additionally, it is GDPR compliant, respecting user privacy and data security across various regions.

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Power over Ethernet

Bid farewell to the hassle of external power supplies as the StiX 3800 draws power directly through the Ethernet cable, simplifying your setup.

Hands-Free Setup

The device automatically downloads and displays content without any technical setup. Just connect the network cable and discreetly place the compact device behind the screen for effortless control over your digital signage.

Screen and Player Device Inventory Management

The StiX 3800 stays connected to the screen, ensuring smooth tracking while retrieving internal parameters like settings, temperature, and component status. This data is sent to the CMS for analysis and triggers alerts if necessary, providing real-time insights into player devices and screens.


Sustainability with StiX 3800
Digital Signage Player

The StiX 3800 provides multiple green features to support companies’ energy-saving efforts.

Energy Efficient

StiX 3800 consumes around 80% less electricity compared to a PC used for digital signage.

Eco-Aware Viewer Detection

The device utilizes a micro camera to detect viewer presence within an 8-meter range. If no viewers are detected, the Navori app automatically switches off the screen.

Customized Operating Hours

Navori Labs’ CMS allows for customized operating hours for each screen, potentially doubling its lifespan and reducing electricity consumption by nearly half.

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Green Setup Solution

The hands-free setup removes the need for on-site technician visits, reducing travel and lowering carbon emissions, making it a more sustainable solution.

Built To Last

The StiX 3800 is designed for industrial operation, boasting a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. This exceptional durability not only ensures reliability but also contributes to long-term sustainability, with the device capable of lasting for 9 years when used for 15 hours daily, seven days a week, throughout the year.

Product StiX 3800
Chip Model Rockchip RK3568
CPU Quad-core Cortex-A55
GPU Mali-G52
Storage Internal 16GB (11GB Available for content storage) + Micro SD Slot, Class 10 SD Card of up to 128 GB
Dimensions L :115.3mm W: 80mm H: 28mm
L: 4.53 in W: 3.14 in H: 1.10 in

(Power over Ethernet)

X2 RJ45 Interfaces
First Ethernet Supports PoE
Wifi IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac (2.4G&5G )
Operating System Android 11

DooH Programmatic Advertising

Maximize your return on investment (ROI) by leveraging precise campaign management and real-time optimizations with the StiX 3800, ensuring your programmatic advertising efforts are highly effective.

Social Media and KPI Dashboards

Use Navori connectors to display live Social Media Walls and KPI dashboards in your retail space, providing real-time stats for your employees and social media activity.


Digital Menu Boards

The StiX 3800 ensures perfect multi-screen synchronization for digital menu boards and retail media networks. Showcase new products, deals, or menu inventory by integrating with your POS system. Enhancing visibility and customer interaction in busy retail or dining environments.

Digital Signage Board

Control at Your Fingertips with Navori Mobile

Ideal for retail, digital menu boards, and public venues. Navori Mobile companion app for managing digital signage content from your mobile device. It allows you to take control by updating playlists, launch media, and modify schedules, adjust volume and displays in real-time. Perfect for dynamic environments.

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