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Digital Menu Board Control from a Smartphone and Tablet

Enable Employee Interactivity using
Navori CMS for Mobile Devices

Navori's smartphone CMS updates displays for responsive digital menu boards
Enable Employee Interactivity with Navori Mobile 

Employee Interactivity with Digital Menu Boards Enhances Restaurant Operations

Navori Mobile CMS introduces a revolutionary approach to digital menu board management. The solution enables restaurant staff to easily update digital menu boards from their phones, creating a teamwork environment. This helps employees stay involved and informed, ensuring the dining experience constantly changes and meets customer needs. Digital menu boards operate 100% automatically by default, but employees can step in on rare occasions to relay messages to customers.

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Employee Interactivity Features

Select or Unselect Menu Items Instantly

Customize your digital menu boards effortlessly. Choose which items or categories to display and update your menu with daily specials, seasonal promotions, and price changes. Keep your customers satisfied and your business profitable. Start customizing today!

Trigger Content on the Fly (Birthday)

Navori’s feature creates personalized digital signs for customers, providing unique experiences. Employees can use it to deliver personalized messages. It boosts loyalty, increases repeat business, and allows you to share content that resonates with your audience, showing them that they’re valued.


Modify Menu Prices, Product Names or Adjust Calories

Navori Mobile simplifies updating digital menu boards with the latest information, making it a game-changer for businesses. This tool lets you quickly change menu items and prices and update nutrition information from your phone.
Navori Mobile helps you manage menu content quickly and accurately. You can adjust prices, rename dishes, and update nutritional information to meet regulations. This tool gives you the flexibility and accuracy to align your menu with your brand’s identity. This feature ensures that your digital displays show the latest and most important information, enhancing the dining experience for customers.

Take Pictures of Menu Items and Display them Directly on the Screen

Navori Mobile is an excellent tool that can help you to display images on digital menu boards, which can instantly showcase your latest menu items or promotions. The images are presented in an impressive manner that is visually appealing to your customers. This feature makes it easy to add engaging images that can increase the attractiveness of your offerings, creating a positive impact on your business.

Additionally, sharing bright photos of your new food items, deals, or seasonal offerings as soon as they’re announced can attract customers and keep them engaged. Visual storytelling is an effective way to encourage customers to explore your menu further, resulting in increased engagement and higher sales. Navori Mobile is a valuable asset that can help you to achieve your business goals effortlessly.


Publish Quick Messages For Customers

Use real-time communication to quickly send messages or promotions to customers through your menu boards. Highlight flash sales, publicize events, or convey updates directly to your audience. Publish messages quickly to ensure timely and relevant communication, enhancing the customer experience.

Turn Screens On or Off

Navori Mobile’s remote management feature lets you control the power of your digital menu board screens, optimizing energy efficiency. You can set up automatic on/off schedules for added efficiency, reducing energy expenses and ecological impact.

Control Audio Volume

Navori Mobile lets you adjust the audio levels of your digital menu board content, creating the ideal auditory environment for your guests. You can fine-tune volume levels for background music, audio-visual content, or personalized voiceovers, resulting in a well-balanced audio that enhances the dining atmosphere and significantly enriches the customer experience.

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The Benefits of Employee Interactivity with Your Digital Menu

Flexibility: Easily Publish Text and Photos

The platform lets users quickly publish engaging content such as text messages and photos. Businesses can customize content on the fly to adapt to changing circumstances and drive customer engagement and sales.

Enhance Communication with Customers

Digital menu boards are an effective tool for businesses to engage with customers. Companies can display menu offerings, promotions, important announcements, allergen information, and sustainability initiatives. By leveraging digital menu boards, businesses can foster stronger relationships with customers and increase their loyalty.

Adjust Content Based on On-Site Situations

Businesses can tailor their offerings to meet real-time needs by customizing their content based on situational factors. For example, during breakfast hours, they can highlight breakfast items, while during lunch and dinner hours, they can showcase lunch and dinner specials. This improves the relevance and effectiveness of their messaging, leading to increased customer engagement and sales.

Menu Board Serves as the Communication Platform for Your Customers

Digital menu boards are a versatile communication platform for businesses to convey messages to customers, promote events, share nutritional information, and highlight community initiatives. By using the menu board as a communication platform, businesses can strengthen their brand identity, educate customers, and enhance the overall customer experience to drive loyalty.

How It Works

Efficiency and flexibility are key in the restaurant industry. Navori Mobile app enables your staff to manage digital menu boards using any mobile device, ensuring up-to-date displays and effortless control over your digital signage system.

Built-in Integration with Navori Software

Integrating Navori software with digital menu boards streamlines operations, enhances content management, and elevates customer experience.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Insufficient Training

Provide thorough training sessions to ensure all employees are proficient in utilizing the interactive features of the digital menu boards with their smartphones or tablets. This will prevent underutilization and maximize the benefits of the technology.

Poor Connectivity

Invest in reliable internet for seamless access and real-time updates on mobile devices. Consistent connectivity is crucial for unlocking the full potential of employee interactivity features.

Recommended Hardware

Any Apple or Android smartphone or tablet connected to the internet will work.