QL Powered Digital Menu Boards

Efficiency, Reliability, Automation

Restaurants that use Navori QL to power their digital menu boards can easily improve the customer experience and increase sales.

QL can power any number of indoor screens, video walls, and drive through digital menu boards so that you can reach and influence customers inside and outside your restaurant.


The Digital Menu Board Challenge

Quick service restaurant owners and operators have a constantly changing list of needs for their Digital Menu Boards. Today, this list usually includes the need for:

  • Easy to use Digital Signage Software
  • Reliable performance (no blank screens or error messages)
  • A way to display product pricing, images, and videos
  • Custom menu board template designs
  • Built-in advertising campaign management tools
  • Built-in monitoring and troubleshooting tools

QL digital signage can handle all of the above and also do much more than display dynamic menu content. Restaurant staff can create, store and serve their own product data feeds using our Content Manager and Data Feed Manager. They can also modify content and product information right from their mobile phone.

Using our digital signage software, restaurant owners and operators can build and maintain their own product and pricing database without leaving the software. Users can also easily import custom data feeds from all popular POS and inventory management systems via our built in Data Feed Manager.

Menus can be shown in a table format using QL’s Data Grid feature or shown in individual fields you can place anywhere on screen. It’s never been this easy to create digital menu board templates for your store.

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The QL Software Solution

We provide a variety of solutions for both indoor and outdoor digital menu boards. With QL’s Template Designer, you can create lively content using your own product images, videos, price lists, and caloric information. Adding videos to your layouts can make your digital menus more eye-catching and effective in driving sales.

For restaurant chains with their own POS (Point of Sale) systems, QL allows you to display real-time product and pricing information, ensuring your digital menu screens are always current. By linking QL to your POS database, you can automate the content on your screens. This means items that are sold out can be automatically removed, and overstocked items can be promoted, all based on actual inventory levels.

Setting up your menu boards is straightforward with dayparting. You can create time slots for different parts of the day and assign playlists with your specific menus. This makes it easy to switch between breakfast, lunch, and dinner offerings based on the time. And the best part? All of this can be managed from the comfort of your favorite web browser!

QSR Menu Board

QL supports multi-screen/single PC menu installations and can synchronize content across any number of screens, including Smart TVs with integrated player hardware, Android media players, standard digital signage players and BrightSign players. There is no better solution to create and manage a digital menu board for restaurants.

QL gives you a competitive edge

Sales increase when you deploy professional digital menu boards. Guests stay longer, they order more, and they enjoy a better experience that guarantees repeat visits.

It’s easy to take advantage of QL’s features:

  • Create, publish and display a visually appealing restaurant menu board layout from any desktop PC or mobile device.
  • You don’t need technical or graphic skills to create menu layouts. Our web-based template designer makes it easy for anyone.
  • Update your restaurant menu items, caloric information, and prices instantly using QL server data feeds or external databases.
  • Highlight new products and promote your brand. Create simple playlists that switch from breakfast to lunch to dinner menus. Schedule events once, and let QL handle the rest.
  • Schedule menu variations for different times of the day or special occasions.
  • Use Navori QL for impressive video wall menu presentations in Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) settings.
  • Adapt menus based on data insights to promote popular items and boost sales.
Digital Signage

Simple, collaborative and secure

QL’s Content Manager for digital menu boards is both easy to use and powerful. It’s designed to help staff members update displays effortlessly. The system includes a Template Designer for quick changes and also supports updates from smartphones or tablets through the QL Mobile app.

Security is a major focus. Only authorized users can change content, which means different staff members can have varying levels of access. For example, restaurant operators can have full administrative rights, while managers might have limited editing permissions for managing pricing and announcements at their specific locations.

The software comes in various versions to fit any organization’s size. There’s a cloud-based digital signage solution (SaaS) and an on-premise version for those who prefer to manage their server. These options make QL’s digital menu boards a flexible and secure choice for updating and safeguarding menu displays.

Automate digital menu item and pricing updates

Most large restaurant chains use point of sale (POS) and inventory management systems to manage pricing and centralize product information. QL easily integrate with POS systems and backend databases to retrieve real time product data so your menus are always accurate and automatically kept up to date.

  • QL will automatically remove sold out items from your digital menu board.
  • Prices and item descriptions can be synchronized locally or with a centralized database.
  • Easily deploy a common menu layout to hundreds of locations with each one showing unique pricing and products.
  • Automatically promote overstocked items.
  • Show ads based on live data. For example, promote ice cream when the it’s hot outside or sunglasses when it is sunny outside.
  • Upsell side dish items and cross sell using drive thru LED screens. Automatically show side items based on the customer’s order.

Making your content more dynamic

AI-Driven Display: Automatically update your digital menu boards with AI, considering external data like stock levels and latest promotions.

Drive-Thru Specialization: Tailor content based on real-time customer orders, perfect for drive-thru scenarios.

Adaptive Content Integration: Seamlessly blend in data like weather conditions, temperature, and traffic levels to personalize menu displays.

Real-Time Operation with Minimal Effort: Enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technology that adapts to each site’s unique needs with little manual intervention.

Elevate your customer experience with minimal effort using QL’s Dynamic Content Rules for digital menu boards.

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QL Mobile

QL Mobile lets staff members update and control your digital menu boards using any smartphone or tablet. They can also update your menu board database and make changes on the fly. Launch unique content at the touch of a screen. You can also turn screens on or off and control any screen’s volume right from your phone.

QL Mobile GUI

Menu Board Dayparting Made Easy

With Navori QL, users can easily set up time slots for different parts of the day. You have the flexibility to make these time slots repeat daily or adjust them as needed based on your store’s schedule. Some locations may prefer to keep the same time slots throughout the week, like breakfast, lunch, and dinner, while others might want to change their content daily or offer different menus on weekdays compared to weekends. It’s important to choose electronic menu board software that can handle these various scheduling options.

QL software excels in managing all these scenarios and more. For example, you can assign specific rules to individual content, such as a “happy hour” announcement that only appears on certain days and at specific times.

dayparting multiple playlists

What are the technologies behind digital menu boards?

First, let’s talk about the basics. There are two types of restaurant menu board applications. Indoor and outdoor.

Most outdoor menu boards and drive through signs use ultra bright digital screens and are installed vertically. An indoor digital menu board tends to use multiple screens that are laid out horizontally. For the most part, the screens used in these applications must be designed for constant operation (24/7/365).

It’s one reason why system-on-a-chip screens have become so popular for restaurant menu screen applications. These screens are relatively inexpensive and they have proven to be very reliable. They are also very easy to install which is an added bonus.

Windows PCs remain quite popular because they are more versatile and offer better performance. High end digital signage solutions can rely on multiple screens connected to Windows PCs running Navori Labs’ QL IPR player software. QL IPR is a perfect choice for this type of application since it supports up to 24 screens and can display unique high resolution content simultaneously on each screen.

For best results, we recommend using a thin bezel digital signs as they provide a seamless canvas for large banners and video walls.

Using Computer Vision with your digital menu boards?

Marketing analytics

Navori Labs’ AQUAJI analytics platform uses computer vision and artificial intelligence for audience analysis. When interfaced with the QL digital signage software, AQUAJI can perform several useful tasks like adjusting a playlist according to customer time spent waiting. AQUAJI can also provide important metrics such as customer wait times so management can adjust staffing levels to meet performance targets.

Knowing your customers

By scanning and analyzing your store’s traffic flow, AQUAJI can provide useful information about each customer’s demographic profile. It also provides data on the time spent by each person visiting your store. This information is invaluable to marketing and planning managers.

Drive through menu boards

AQUAJI can detect vehicle license plates and match them to POS data so drive through menu boards can offer personalized choices based on past purchases. The software can also track time spent waiting which can be used to analyze employee performance.


QL-powered digital menu boards are a great way to improve your business’s look, attract customers, and boost sales. The QL software is easy to use, with customizable templates that help you create eye-catching digital menus that leave a lasting impression.

The software is flexible, working with different types of digital displays and third-party data feeds. This makes it easy to set up and use. What’s more, QL is budget-friendly, offering a high-quality digital signage solution without breaking the bank.

Discover the benefits of QL-powered menu boards and see how they can increase engagement and profits for your business.

By opting for QL, you can design attractive digital menu boards that not only help increase sales but also make waiting times feel shorter, improving your customers’ overall experience.

Frequently Asked questions

What can digital menu boards do for my restaurant?

Use a digital menu board solution to inform and entertain your customers:

  • Instantly deliver and update any digital menu in any location at any time.
  • Display different content at the store entrance, behind the ordering counter, and at the drive-thru.
  • Mix corporate menu board layouts and styles with location specific pricing and promotions.
  • Change your menu boards based on the time of day or event.
  • Deploy targeted promotions that engage customers.
Why is Navori QL recommended for digital menu boards?

QL digital signage software offers a wide range of features to help QSR operators increase their walk-in and drive-thru business. Let’s explore some of the key features:

Quick Deployment: Set up your menu displays swiftly with QL’s efficient system.

Collaborative Content Management: Seamlessly blend head office directives with local restaurant flair. Use PCs, laptops, smartphones, or tablets for on-the-go updates to digital menu boards.

User Rights & Access Control: Tailor user permissions for added security. Require manager approval for content changes and offer specialized access for menu data modifications.

Real-Time Notifications & Reporting: Stay informed with immediate email alerts and a dynamic dashboard. Keep your IT team in the loop with downloadable reports via QL Content Manager.

Elevate your QSR experience with QL’s versatile digital signage solutions!

What are the key benefits of using digital menu boards?

Initial Investment Pays Off: After the upfront cost of equipment and software, digital menu boards are more cost-effective than traditional printed menus.

Centralized Content Control: Easily adjust prices, images, and ads from a single location. This unified approach streamlines updates across multiple stores, even for extensive networks.

Effortless Updates for Multiple Locations: Quickly refresh menu items across hundreds of outlets. Digital signage software seamlessly integrates with your existing systems for automatic, widespread updates.

Enhanced Visibility: Digital displays are more vibrant and attention-grabbing than conventional printed signs, enhancing customer engagement.

Digital menu boards offer a smart, efficient solution for modernizing your menu displays.

Can I use regular TVs for my menuboards?

We strongly advise against using consumer TVs that you can buy at your local electronics stores. Instead, buy professional grade digital displays that will stand the test of time. Here’s why:

  • Unlike consumer TVs, professional displays are designed for 24/7/365 use.
  • Unlike consumer TVs, professional displays for menuboards are designed to handle difficult environments like very warm kitchens and the grease and fumes that kitchens produce.
  • Professional digital signage displays come with on-site support, maintenance service options, and extended warranties.