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Built-in Features for Digital Menu Boards

Introducing Navori’s App for Digital Menu Boards – the next level of restaurant management and customer engagement. Our app is designed to streamline menu board handling and enhance customer experience when ordering.

Our app combines visually stunning designs with advanced backend integration, including POS systems and analytics, to offer a holistic digital menu solution. This technology not only elevates the visual appeal of your menu but also streamlines operations and helps restaurants improve crew member assignments.

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app Features for Digital Menu Boards

Built-in Designer Tool for Crafting Your Menu Layouts

Built-in Designer Tool for Crafting Your Menu Layouts

Navori’s digital menu boards elevate your dining experience to an art form. Customize your menu with unique fonts, logos, and vibrant backgrounds. With Navori Built-in Designer, you can create a distinctive digital dining narrative that captures the essence of your brand.

It’s easy to keep your menu fresh and perfectly aligned with your brand’s allure using Navori’s digital menu designer. You can add, update, and refine descriptions, images, categories, nutritional facts, and prices.

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Easilly Integrate Your Restaurant POS and ERP Menu Inventory

Easilly Integrate Your Restaurant POS and ERP Menu Inventory

Integrate your POS system into your digital menu boards to keep them up-to-date and manage your inventory effectively. Data-driven boards show personalized content that adapts to changing circumstances and preferences.

Navori software offers an automatic layout generation feature and API, creating visually appealing menus with a seamless presentation.

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Screen Your Menus Based on Specific Times of Day

Screen Your Menus Based on Specific Times of Day

Navori CMS’s Smart Scheduling/Dayparting feature aligns your menu with your customer’s daily rhythm. Display specific items and promotions when they’re most appealing. Keeping your digital menu fresh and engaging boosts customer engagement, a must-have for any food and beverage business.

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Get Continuous Metrics on Waiting Time Before Service

Get Continuous Metrics on Waiting Time Before Service

Navori’s App analytics provides insights into how patrons interact with your space, including attendance patterns and waiting times. With this data, you can adjust staffing, enhance table turnover rates, and redesign your menu to cater to busy periods. This data-driven strategy improves operational efficiency, fosters loyalty, and encourages repeat visits.

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Enable Crew Members to Interact Using a Smartphone

Enable Crew Members to Interact Using a Smartphone

Navori Mobile empowers restaurant staff to manage menus in real-time from their smartphones. With swift updates, staff can ensure that menu information is accurate, up-to-date, and helps to streamline operations, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

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Get your Screens Synced for Unified Menutelling

Get your Screens Synced for Unified Menutelling

Enhance your restaurant’s ambiance with Navori’s screen synchronization. Craft engaging narratives across multiple screens, showcasing ingredients, testimonials, and ambiance. Foster customer loyalty and create memorable experiences.

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in 4 Easy Steps

The Navori App is a Content Management System (CMS) that empowers your digital menu board. It is accessible through a web-based interface, a smartphone, or a tablet.

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Design Your Menus

Navori Designer’s easy-to-use interface lets you quickly create custom digital menus. Choose from templates, customize layouts, add images, animations, and videos to showcase your brand and cuisine.

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Create Your Menu Inventory or Connect Navori App to Your POS

Navori’s live data manager integrates directly with your POS and inventory management systems to update your digital menus instantly with any changes to prices or item availability.

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Day Part Your Menu display

Restaurants customize menus to match specific times or customer preferences. Use Navori CMS to drag and drop menus on the program grid.

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Publish Your Menus

Choose screens and players, press publish. CMS shows progress and confirms new content broadcasted.

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Showcase Your Menus, Like No Others

Navori’s Digital Menu Boards turn your menu into an engaging visual feast, simplifying the decision-making process for your customers and enhancing the dining experience with striking imagery and fluid animations.

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Enhance Upselling Potential for Increased Revenue

Digital menu boards are great at displaying various products, highlighting menus, combos, and promotions, and increasing the average transaction value.

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Streamline Operations Through Automation

Navori’s digital menu boards sync with your POS inventory, display menus, reduce errors, ensure pricing accuracy, and allow instant menu changes.

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Track Continuously Customer Experience using AI

The wait before service represents a significant part of the customer experience. Navori innovates by adding a camera to your menu board to track your crew members’ wait time and performance in real-time and retrospectively.

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Navori can connect you with certified partners specialized in integration, graphic design, hosting, and maintenance on all continents, including yours.

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Recommended hardware

Navori Player App software is available for various devices such as Samsung, as well as Navori’s own StiX and Windows PC in single or multi-screen mode.


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