Phillips Digital Signage Software Case Study

Phillips Digital Signage Software Case Study

Country: Turkey
Vertical: Retail
Customer: Beymen
Partner: Luna Bilişim

Benefits of using QL Player with Philips professional displays

  • QL Player is a professional-grade native Android player software with exceptional performance and smooth, broadcast-quality transitions. Furthermore, the software supports multi-zone/multi-layered templates, live data feeds, and social media content from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Exchange.
  • Control your display’s hardware using QL. Screen on-off, scheduled remote QL player software upgrades and downgrades, and real-time hardware and software monitoring. Thereafter, QL Player has full control of all hardware resources which is critical for mid to large digital signage deployments.
  • QL Player is certified by Philips and a software download link is accessible from the Philips professional display app store.

Philips professional displays support for every QL feature, including mobile control, multi-player synchronization, and WebSocket server control with content triggering.

Contact your local Navori office to book a trial or to request additional information.

Published on September 23, 2019, Beymen stores are strategically located in high fashion areas where customers shop for global luxury brands.

Deployment overview

Beymen is Turkey’s leading retail fashion chain established in 1971. Presently, the company creates fashion collections for men, women, and kids as well as a home collection. Undeniably, Beymen is renowned as a “Luxury Retail House” in Turkey. Indeed, Beymen was the first Turkish retailer to introduce a Mega store concept to the country. Navori recently released a QL Player version made especially for Philips Professional Display Solutions. Moreover, QL is certified for the 2019 Philips D-Line and P-line system-on-chip displays that feature embedded Android 7 media player hardware.

System on Chip (SoC) displays customers save up to 48% compared to those who use legacy PCs.  SoC displays are also 3 times more reliable than traditional PCs.

Correspondingly, QL Player is the first and only software application that is native to this hardware platform. It offers the same level of performance as a Windows PC or a 1K external Android media player.

QL Player for Philips SoC displays can be downloaded directly from the Content Manager UI. Philips digital sign displays come in two versions.  There is a standard version available in 32, 43, 49, 55, 65- and 75-inch sizes, and a touch-enabled version available in 10, 43, 55, and 65-inch sizes.

These SoC displays are available worldwide and can be ordered from your local Philips sales office.


Beymen management wanted to replace their existing retail digital signage solution in all 60 branches located across the country.  Indeed, their current solution wasn’t stable and failed to deliver a professional experience.

Consequently, Beymen chose the Navori QL Professional software for the following features:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Employees can monitor the entire player network at a glance
  • Software is designed for large-scale deployments
  • Content editing and management can be performed from any location
  • Different access levels by user profile
  • Detailed proof of play reporting

Project scope

  • 150 Navori QL Player Licenses
  • 1 Navori QL Server License
  • 141 Totems and displays
  • 9 Video walls


As a result, this Navori QL Professional deployment has provided Beymen with a secure and efficient digital signage platform.
Furthermore, QL’s user-friendly software interface has been welcomed and appreciated by staff members across every location.

Deployment details

Particularly, Navori QL players are installed in multiple locations and feature different configurations with each unit displaying unique content.
To be noted, the project was executed by Navori’s Certified Partner for Turkey, LUNA Bilişim. Unquestionably, the LUNA Bilişim team was selected based on its professionalism and its ability to deliver turnkey digital signage deployments across Turkey.