Navori delivers native player software for Samsung Tizen

Navori delivers native player software for Samsung Tizen

QL Native Player Software for Samsung TIZEN (SSSP)

Navori Labs is expanding its System-on-a-Chip (SoC) display support with a new native player software designed specifically for Samsung Tizen.  This new media player uses Navori’s proprietary technology to deliver the best experience on Tizen powered displays. QL Player for Tizen offers the same features as Navori’s Windows and Android products, with some enhancements not found on other platforms.

What is an SoC?

SoC, or System-on-a-chip, refers to digital displays that use built-in micro-computers to play content instead of relying on external PC’s or Android devices.  Traditionally, SoC displays have competed with external media player solutions based mostly on price and convenience.  However, newer SoC displays have come to market with more powerful embedded CPUs, and GPUs to challenge legacy solutions.  In fact, it’s now possible to deliver an experience that can equal what comes out of an external PC or Android device at a much lower cost, assuming the software driving the content is up to the task.  This is where Navori comes in…

Why Navori?

While many third party Tizen products have been based on Samsung’s SDK, Navori followed a different path developing its own native, proprietary solution based on its renowned player software.  The result is a player that can deliver a true broadcast TV experience on inexpensive SoC hardware.  You get the cost benefit and ease of deployment of traditional SoC solutions with performance that can match a dedicated PC or Android player.

This new media player software is certified by Samsung (SSSP) and available now.

QL Player for Tizen joins other SoC displays supported by Navori: Philips D and P line, Elo Touch SoC hardware and ECM Android computer modules.

Want to see QL Digital Signage Software in action?  Visit DSE booth 1929 on March 28 and 29, 2018 in Las Vegas.  Navori representatives will be on hand to answer your questions.