Hotel Digital Signage

Hotel digital signage solutions have become extremely popular with large hospitality chains and independent property owners. In fact, anyone who travels will encounter hotel signage screens in most lobbies, elevators, spas, gyms, meeting rooms and restaurants.

Hotel Digital Signage

The digital signage revolution has been sweeping across the hospitality industry. It’s changing the way businesses attract and retain customers, whether they’re hotels or restaurants.

It’s easy to understand why many have discovered the benefits of digital signage for hotels. Digital signs have proven to be a reliable and cost-effective way to improve the guest experience. They let property owners share important and topical information hotel guests need. They can also generate income through third-party advertising.

If you’re not already using digital signage in your hotel, you should consider the benefits. Guests appreciate being informed. It’s the little things, like local knowledge and getting timely information about events and happenings in and around the property.

Large hotel properties and convention centers can make each visitor’s stay a bit less stressful by providing useful wayfinding information. There’s nothing worse than arriving in a new place and not knowing how to get around.

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QL Digital Signage benefits for hotels

QL digital signage software offers many features that are essential to guest services. Features like playlist day-parting, rule-based content playback, content tagging, QL Mobile, and more.

Hotel digital signage screens can do much more than play advertising. They help hotels and convention centers operate better.

Here is what hotel digital signage can do for your property:

  • Welcome guests and help them get more comfortable.
  • Promote your loyalty programs using QR codes and digital coupons.
  • Establish and promote your brand.
  • Run ad campaigns for third-party advertisers. Create a new revenue source for your hospitality business.
  • Inform guests of the latest promotions and new amenities.
  • Synchronize content across multiple media player screens in large convention halls and common areas. Synchronized content is a must in large open spaces where guests can see many screens showing the same content.
  • Provide useful information, such as local news, weather forecasts, and traffic reports. Show live content to reduce perceived wait times at the hotel desk and spa waiting room.
  • Improve the guest experience. Deliver high-quality content to every digital signage screen, interactive touch screen, and video wall on your property.
  • Adapt your programming to each area. Show weather and traffic information in your lobby and restaurant specials on your elevator screens. Use themed content to highlight holidays and special events.
  • Keep guests informed about hotel and convention center meeting and event schedules.
  • Promote nearby tourist attractions and restaurants. Show useful information such as local taxi and limousine contact information.
  • Empower hotel staff by letting them trigger emergency messages or other useful information using their smartphone or tablet.
  • Keep staff informed with employee-facing hotel digital signage screens.
  • Use any media player hardware. You’re not limited to just one type of device. QL supports smart TVs with System-on-Chip technology, Windows PCs, and Google Android devices.
  • Navori Labs also offers its own Android media player, specially designed for reliable and commercial service. The Stix 3700 is a versatile device that can be installed behind any screen, including touch screens. You can even use the Stix 3700 to upgrade outdated Smart TVs. Simply plug it into an available HDMI port and you’re ready to go.

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QL product highlights

QL is an essential part of your hospitality messaging system. Reach out to guests where they meet, work, and relax.

  • Use conditional triggering or content playback rules to display any content on demand.
  • Interrupt current programming to display time-sensitive information such as urgent messages or alerts.
  • Use QL Mobile to trigger content or edit data feeds using your smartphone or tablet. This feature can be extremely useful for on-demand content on hotel digital signage screens. For example, spa staff can launch videos that describe available services and pricing.
  • Playfully synchronized content across every hotel screen.
  • Display hotel directories and wayfinding information using touch screens so guests can instantly switch from promotional and informational content to wayfinding.
  • Update on-screen information dynamically. Display data from any source. Connect to point-of-sale systems, hotel room booking systems, hotel scheduling systems, event calendars, social media postings, and more.

Increase on-site revenue and improve customer service with QL

Digital signage in hotels can help you to increase your on-site revenue by offering additional services and information that are relevant to your guests. In this case, the hotel could provide more information about the property, local attractions, restaurants, or events. They could also offer more information about local businesses that might be of interest to their guests.

The use of hotel digital signage also allows hotels to improve customer service by providing real-time information about arrivals and departures (e.g., flight status), as well as what’s happening in the city at any given time (e.g., traffic updates).

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Update your screen content from anywhere

Remote management and control allow you to easily update screen content from anywhere. We also offer a scheduling feature that allows you to schedule when hotel digital signage content is pushed out to the screens, so for example, if you want a different message for breakfast than dinner then we can help with that as well.

You can publish and update content any time from your desktop or your favorite mobile device!

Maintain communication across the property

Hotel digital signage is a great way to communicate with guests and staff alike. Digital signage can be used in the lobby, at the front desk, in hallways, and in other areas throughout the hotel. For example:

  • Leverage hotel digital signage to welcome guests as they enter the building.
  • Use digital signage to promote special events or promotions happening on certain days of the week or month (e.g., “Kids eat free Tuesdays”).
  • Use digital signage to encourage guests to leave feedback via an online survey that will appear when they check out of your hotel (or even while they’re still there—you never know when someone might have something nice or constructive to say!).


The benefits of hotel digital signage solutions are clear, and the technology is advancing rapidly. With advances in data analytics and real-time communication, you can use this technology to increase revenue through personalized messaging based on guest preferences. And with new options like AI-powered content curation, your digital screens will never be outdated again. The possibilities for hotel digital signage are endless—and so is the potential impact of these powerful tools!

Frequently Asked questions

What is hotel digital signage used for?

Hotel digital signage serves various purposes to enhance the guest experience, provide information, and streamline operations. Here are some common uses of hotel digital signage:

  1. Welcome Messages and Branding: Digital signage displays can be placed in hotel lobbies, entrance areas, or reception desks to provide warm welcome messages, showcase the hotel’s branding, and create a positive first impression for guests.
  2. Event and Conference Information: Digital signage screens can be used to display event schedules, meeting room details, session updates, and directions within the hotel premises. This helps guests attending conferences, seminars, or weddings navigate the venue and stay informed about event-related information.
  3. Wayfinding and Maps: Digital signage can provide interactive maps, floor plans, and directions to guide guests to their rooms, facilities, amenities, restaurants, or other areas within the hotel. It helps guests navigate the property more easily.
  4. Concierge Services: Digital signage can act as a virtual concierge, providing guests with information about local attractions, nearby restaurants, transportation options, and cultural events. It can offer suggestions for popular tourist destinations or personalized recommendations based on guest preferences.
  5. Hotel Services and Amenities: Use digital signage to inform guests about the various services and amenities offered by the hotel, such as spa facilities, fitness centers, pool hours, room service options, laundry services, or business centers. It helps guests take full advantage of the available amenities.
  6. Advertising and Promotions: Hotels can utilize digital signage to promote on-site amenities, services, and special packages. This includes spa packages, golf courses, loyalty programs, room upgrades, or other value-added offerings. It can also display advertisements from local partners or businesses.

Hotel digital signage aims to enhance the guest experience, provide information, and improve communication within the hotel environment. By leveraging digital displays strategically, hotels can deliver personalized content, streamline operations, and create a more engaging and memorable stay for their guests.

Who will manage my hotel digital signage content?

The management of hotel digital signage content can be handled by different stakeholders, depending on the resources and preferences of the hotel. Here are some common approaches to managing hotel digital signage content:

  1. In-House Team: Hotels may choose to have an in-house team responsible for managing digital signage content. This team can include marketing, communication, or IT professionals who have the necessary skills and knowledge to create, update, and schedule content for the digital signage displays. They can work closely with various departments within the hotel to ensure relevant and engaging content is delivered.
  2. Third-Party Digital Signage Provider: Hotels can engage a third-party digital signage provider or software company specializing in managing digital signage networks. These providers offer comprehensive solutions that include content creation, scheduling, and management. They can work with the hotel to develop customized content templates, provide training, and offer ongoing support for content updates.
  3. Marketing or Communications Department: Hotels may task their marketing or communications department with managing the digital signage content. This department is responsible for developing the hotel’s branding, marketing campaigns, and guest communications. They can collaborate with other departments to gather content, create visually appealing designs, and ensure consistent messaging across all digital signage displays.
  4. Outsourced Content Management: Hotels can outsource the management of their digital signage content to external agencies or freelancers. These professionals specialize in content creation, design, and scheduling. The hotel provides the necessary information and guidelines, and the agency or freelancer takes care of developing and updating the content as per the hotel’s requirements.