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Smartphone Control for Digital Signage

Control your Digital Signage using a smartphone

Navori Mobile is Navori’s localized content management tool that runs on smartphones and tablets. The software is HTML5-based so there is no local app to install. Simply point the device’s web browser to the Navori Mobile URL and you are ready to go.

Navori Mobile is compatible with all mobile devices, regardless of operating system or brand. Once you are logged-in, you can start managing what’s playing on your Navori Players from any location. You’re no longer tied to your office or desktop now that you have mobile digital signage control.

Navori Mobile offers several content management options.  You can launch any media or playlist at any time, on any number of screens.  You can also edit Navori Server data feeds on-the-fly.

Here are some real-world examples.

Retail signage

Brick and mortar retailers are constantly on the lookout for innovative and cost-effective marketing solutions. While many retail shops have invested in digital signage for in-store promotions and product support, store operators want to maximize their ROI and get more out of their digital displays. This is where Navori Mobile comes into play.

In a traditional retail digital signage scenario, content and programming is handled at the national or regional level, leaving very little control to individual stores. Navori Mobile lets sales associates on the retail floor take temporary control of any screen for customer-facing interactions. Using a smartphone or tablet, retail staff can bring up a product video, brochure or any other type of information on-demand while scheduled programming is suspended. Once the customer has been answered, regular programming resumes without any corporate staff involvement.

The interaction is intuitive so there is minimal training required. Touch the screen to select where to play the content. Select the content to screen and the cycle (play once, all day, continuously) and the content plays on the selected screen.  Store associates can interrupt the selected content and return to the scheduled program at any time, right from the app.

While the software is accessible to everyone, some product categories will benefit more from this technology.  For example, high-ticket items or technically complex products often require more information than what is usually accessible on the sales floor. Sales associates can have a difficult time keeping up with product features, technical specifications, and other details. Retail store staff turnover can also be a contributing factor to lower customer satisfaction.

Navori Mobile as a sales assistant tool

To keep customers engaged and answer their questions, store associates will often refer to the company intranet, or a manufacturer’s website. This process can be time consuming and may distract the customer. Instead, why not empower the associate by giving them the ability to launch an informational video on a digital signage screen?

In today’s competitive retail environment, Navori Mobile provides bricks and mortar stores with features that keep customers engaged, informed and entertained. Information shown on digital signage screens no longer needs to be managed centrally. Today’s digital signage must adapt locally in order to be effective.

Many retail applications can benefit from Navori Mobile’s instant content triggering:

  • Home appliances
  • Smart home devices
  • High-end audio
  • Photographic equipment
  • New and pre-owned automobile dealerships
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Men and women’s fashion
  • Smartphones and phone plans
  • Cosmetics and fragrances
  • Sports and athletics
  • Automobile dealerships

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Restaurants (QSR)

With Navori Mobile, independent restaurants and QSR franchise operators no longer need to request menu board changes from head office. Instead local staff can launch Navori Mobile and edit their digital menu boards right from their smartphone or tablet.

Navori Server data feeds are already used by many restaurants to store, update and screen menu information. With Navori Mobile, restaurant staff can swap out products, change prices and even launch new promotions instantly.

Navori Mobile helps democratize content management by giving access to individual operators so they can react to changes in inventory, and local competition. Restaurant owners can launch promotions at any time without impacting their regular programming. There is no need to request changes from a third-party.

Corporate communications Digital Signage

In today’s fast-paced business environment, employee training often takes a backseat to daily operations. It’s often difficult to find a suitable a training room and competing schedules means many staff members can’t attend training sessions.

Navori Mobile lets companies maximize their use of existing digital signage displays by switching content from any smartphone or tablet. For example, a cafeteria screen can be switched to training or informational content and then switched back to regular programming at the end of a meeting. The same can be said of customer-facing screens which can deliver training material to sales staff outside of regular business hours. Think of screens in a retail store that screen new product introductions, corporate news or other important information to sales associates before opening time. Store management get to decide when to run this content without having to involve home office, thanks to real-time mobile Digital signage control.

Hotel Digital Signage

Increasingly, hotel chains are experimenting with “undesked” staff who operate across their properties.  These employees perform similar functions to main desk staff while using a mobile tablet and smartphones. They can check guests in and out, answer questions and provide useful assistance where people congregate, rather than from a static location (the hotel lobby).

Due to their mobility, undesked staff can leverage Navori Mobile to provide an enhanced guest experience. They can launch any content on-demand, like information about local restaurants and events, direct guests to specific areas or promote entertainment venues, and other hotel amenities.

Think of Navori Mobile as an empowering digital signage software tool your staff can depend on whenever they need to take local control of any screen.

Recommended Hardware

Navori Labs is a pioneering leader in digital signage software solutions, renowned for its innovative approach to content management and display control. With a focus on empowering businesses across various industries, Navori Labs offers cutting-edge technologies designed to streamline digital signage operations and enhance customer engagement.

At the forefront of their product lineup is the Navori Stix 3700, a compact yet powerful hardware solution tailored to meet the demands of modern digital signage deployments. Engineered for reliability and performance, the Stix 3700 boasts advanced processing capabilities, ample memory, and versatile connectivity options, making it the ideal choice for powering Navori’s feature-rich software applications, including the intuitive Navori Mobile platform. Whether deployed in retail environments, corporate settings, or hospitality establishments, the Navori Stix 3700 delivers seamless content management and dynamic display control, empowering businesses to captivate audiences and drive impactful messaging with ease.

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