Meeting Room Scheduling Solutions

Meeting Room Scheduling Solutions

Meeting Room Signage

Businesses prioritize enhanced communication through the use of meeting room signage. This tool effectively provides real-time information about meetings and events within the organization. Employees easily access important details like location, time, and agenda, eliminating the need for manual communication.

Moreover, meeting room signage improves the efficiency of managing meeting rooms. It eliminates the need for employees to search for available spaces, saving time and boosting productivity. By checking the availability, reserving, and booking meeting rooms, employees streamline the process of organizing meetings. Meeting room signage simplifies and optimizes the entire process.

Navori QL is now officially referred to by – and compatible with – micros Fidelio opera

NAVORI QL is referenced by Micros Fidelio in their Hotel Room and Catering Management system, OPERA.

Interfacing both systems enables to parse of room scheduling information from the Micros Fidelio Opera application into a centralized per-room XML file source – thus allowing the interfacing and real-time updating of all centralized or decentralized bookings in the system.

QL Player software retrieves this information and can integrate and display this data feed in any type of content template or in overlay to mixed infotainment, advertisement, promotional or branding content.

The system can display a list of all meeting rooms’ occupation data and display directions (wayfinding) at the entrance or lobby level.

Meeting room signage at the entrance or on venue level can display location based information such as customer/meeting host name, occupancy timeframe etc.

QL Content Manager

The renowned easy-to-use interface of NAVORI QL keeps track of all this data and automatically removes past event information.

Integrating the QL Digital Signage software with the leading MICROS FIDELIO booking/catering back office system saves time, money, and prevents human errors.

To understand the impact, consider the total cost of local hotel staff’s processing time to maintain live information on a Digital Signage system. Translate this into the operational costs on an annual basis.

Swiss-based NAVORI LABS developed the interface module known as MICROS FIDELIO MF Part n° 5009-268. It is compatible with all MF OPERA suite PMS/Sales and Catering versions 5.0.x and above.

The module launches XML scripting that is imported and updated in NAVORI QL MANAGER. NAVORI QL Players automatically synchronize the hospitality data.

This integration works with any NAVORI QL Digital Signage solution. The interfaced data can be utilized in various interactive scenarios, including personalized visitor badge read-outs (RFID – QCR) and info kiosk systems. It exemplifies how NAVORI QL empowers limitless communication scenarios in Digital Signage deployments of any scale.


Implementing meeting room signs is a worthwhile investment when looking to streamline meeting room management. With its numerous benefits, it can help organizations to reduce time wastage, increase productivity, and enhance the overall meeting experience.

By choosing the right meeting room signage solution, businesses can improve communication within their organization and achieve their goals efficiently.