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What is Insane Playback Rendering?

What’s “Insane Player Rendering (IPR)”?

Navori recently introduced a new player add-on called IPR for “insane player rendering”.  The purpose of this software was to provide enhanced support for ultra-high-definition content, mostly due to the popularity of video wall and multi-screen digital menu boards.

The Navori IPR software is based on the company’s existing Navori Player software, already a market reference in performance and reliability.  Navori engineers designed a new, more efficient 64-bit player software and provided enhanced hardware specifications to ensure best performance at extremely high resolutions.  The result was software that can power an 8K video wall, or four clusters of 4K screens from a single Windows PC.

Navori IPR is designed in such a way it only consumes 20% of the host PC’s CPU to screen 8K content, which is unheard of in the industry.

The benefits of 8k digital signage

Screen resolution standards have constantly evolved since the days of VGA graphics.  Since then, we’ve seen high-definition (720p), full HD (1080p) and more recently, ultra-high-definition (4K) screens being marketed to consumers and professionals alike.  Many screen manufacturers are already moving past 4K as they begin to offer 8K UHD screens.

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What’s driving this need for ultra-high-definition content?

  • The availability of UHD screens and hardware.  With more manufacturers jumping on the bandwagon, hardware prices have stabilized, and in many cases have already started to come down.  With UHD displays becoming more common, and more affordable, global demand keeps growing at a steady pace.
  • Stunning content. Anyone who has experienced 4K and 8K content knows the results can be quite impressive. That explains why it’s so popular.  As a result, every major royalty-free content provider has expanded their offering to include ultra-high-definition videos and images.  With so much content now available, prices are falling which helps drive demand.
  • Video walls. The practice of “upscaling” HD content for video walls is less popular now that we have access to UHD content.  Also, video walls are more common than ever before.
  • New large format image delivery options.  UHD video projectors and fine pitch LED panels are popping up everywhere.  These technologies are often used to screen attention-grabbing content in retail and public spaces.  Here again we see prices falling with more options becoming available as competition increases.

This constant push for higher resolutions is driving software developers to create new solutions that can keep up with more demanding content.

Up until recently, UHD content has remained a challenge for those who deploy digital menu boards and video walls.  Those who tried displaying ultra-high-resolution content using legacy signage software often ran into problems. For example, content wouldn’t play properly.  Sometimes PCs would drop frames, freeze-up or crashed. Digital signage operators and network owners needed a solution. Enter Navori’s insane playback rendering.

Why use “insane player rendering”?

The Navori team began working on the company’s next generation player software, specifically to answer the need for better multi-screen UHD content support.  Expectations were high since Navori’s existing Navori Player software was already renowned for its broadcast quality playback and high reliability.

The result was Navori Player IPR, insane playback rendering.  A software solution designed for the most demanding applications, able to play fully synchronized content across any number of screens at the highest possible resolution.  Navori Player IPR is a native 64-bit Windows software you install on Navori’s recommended PC hardware. This enhanced standalone player software works with the Navori CMS and supports all existing Navori Player features.

It’s interesting to note Navori’s newest and most efficient player software can screen H265, 8K video at 60 frames per second to four, 4K screens or sixteen Full HD screens on a single PC equipped with a recommended video card.  With this configuration a single PC can screen any supported content, including HTML5 content and images, fully synchronized across all available screens.

Network operators can host a mix of Navori Players and IPR Players on the same network and rely on Navori Content Manager, simplifying user onboarding, training and logistics.  With these tools, users can deploy content, or create any template and ticker layout regardless of the target platform.

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Industries and digital signage applications using Navori Player IPR”?

Here are some applications that are driving the demand for multi-screen, ultra-high-definition content:

 Luxury retail: fashion, jewelry, consumer electronics, sports/fitness, automobiles…

  • Museums and historical sites
  • High-end casinos
  • Head office lobby displays
  • Cruise ships and luxury hotels
  • Exclusive nightclubs and entertainment venues
  • Quick service restaurants and other locations that use one player device to drive multiple screens

With the introduction of Navori insane playback rendering, we expect to see many more businesses roll-out UHD digital signage, especially where the audience can appreciate high-quality content.  Think of locations where digital signage screens are mounted close to the audience. This is when viewers really notice the difference between Full HD and UHD content.

Navori’s IPR Player was designed specifically for mission-critical applications that require the best content quality.  It’s available now, as part of our digital signage software for Cloud and On-Premise users.