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Built-in Module for DooH Advertising

Maximize Screens and Revenue: A Complete
DooH Advertising Management Toolkit!

Operate your DooH advertising business and unlock your revenue generation potential
Create your media planning and ad booking. Create your media planning and ad booking.

Craft targeted and effective media plans to maximize the impact of your DOOH advertising.

Monetize Your Air Space with DSP and SSP Programmatic. Monetize Your Air Space with DSP and SSP Programmatic.

Generate revenue by efficiently leveraging DSP and SSP programmatic solutions.

Report on Impressions and Audience Metrics. Report on Impressions and Audience Metrics.

Gain insights into campaign performance by reporting on impressions and audience metrics.

Create Your Professional Media Planning

Create separate playlists for your advertising and filler content, specify the desired impressions for each ad campaign, and optimize your message delivery.

Hitting Your Impression Targets Regardless of Ad Slots Sold

You can take control by setting the number of ads per campaign and desired impressions. Navori’s proprietary algorithm guarantees no overplay.

Dive Into Advertising Management

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Share Ad Performances with Your Advertisers

Access professional proof-of-play and Audience reports directly in the CMS, providing valuable data at your fingertips.

Report Who is Viewing Ads and Audience Demographics

Navori CMS reports who is viewing their ads, audiences’ demographics, opportunities to see, and attention span.

Explore Advertiser Reporting Features

Feed Your Ad Space with DSP and SSP Programmatic

Benefit from direct integrations with DSP and SSP servers for seamless programmatic ad placement. Leverage a dynamic mix of programmatic ads and user-generated content to engage your audience effectively.

Uncover Programmatic for DooH

Reach out for guidance or tap into our expertise!

Dodge Ad Fatigue Using Filler Content

Filler content keeps viewers’ attention by avoiding ‘ad fatigue,’ ensuring a dynamic and valuable screen presence during content gaps.


Automate Ad Slot Booking and Reporting

Save valuable time and resources by using our API to connect your internal advertising booking software to the Navori application.

Dig Into Navori API