Level-up your digital signage experience on Samsung SoC screens

Level-up your digital signage experience on Samsung SoC screens

Navori Labs’ QL digital signage software performs better and is more reliable because it’s engineered and compiled for each hardware platform. QL Player for Samsung is a commercial-grade software application specifically designed for Tizen SoC screens.

QL perfectly integrates with the Samsung digital signage software to deliver a totally integrated solution. Best of all, QL has been tested and certified by Samsung making it the perfect upgrade for your next project.

QL helps you…

  • Save on maintenance and support. QL is easy to learn and use. Leverage the software’s remote control capabilities to resolve problems from your office. No third-party software required.
  • Be more reliable. QL Player is commercial-grade software designed for reliable 24/7/365 operation. No more blank screens.
  • Save on your IT costs.QL Content Manager is an HTML5 app so there is no client software to install or maintain.
  • Save on training. QL Content Manager is a user-friendly interface that is very easy to learn and can be mastered quickly. Those who use mixed player hardware devices will save even more because they just need to learn one software platform.
  • Be more creative. With its built-in suite of tools, QL lets everyone be more creative. Quickly design sophisticated templates and build informative news tickers that attract viewer’s attention. Link to external data feeds including RSS, XML, social media sources and calendar apps with zero-coding. You can even trigger content on any screen without any prior technical knowledge.
  • Look more professional. Create user accounts based on your staff’s responsibilities. Use QL’s built-in content approval features to ensure only vetted information gets shown on your screens. Enforce corporate standards and protect your brand.
  • Be more productive. QL includes many productivity-enhancing features. Use the built-in search engine to select players regardless of their location. Find content based on its type, name, tag or keyword. You can also build and store queries to filter your reports and quickly find what you’re looking for.

What is SSSP?

SSSP stands for the Samsung Smart Signage Platform. It’s a fully integrated program that lets software developers build solutions that work with Samsung digital signage –  TIZEN SoC screens.

SSSP also features the Samsung Remote Management Solution which is a central remote service. This feature supports remote SoC screen monitoring and troubleshooting, eliminating the need for site visits or service calls.

Benefits of QL Player for Samsung Tizen SSSP

QL Player for Samsung Tizen media player supports every SSSP feature including Samsung’s own Remote Management Solution. Navori Labs’ digital signage software for Samsung Tizen SSSP brings QL’s power and ease of use to Samsung customers. QL is fully compatible with Samsung signage software to deliver a professional digital signage solution.

Install QL Player on your Samsung digital signage screens in minutes and experience our player engine’s performance and refinement.

  • Fully retain every feature that makes Samsung Tizen screens the leaders in SoC technology. You lose no functionality.
  • When you run QL Player, you benefit from our smooth content transitions and exceptional playback on all your Samsung SoC screens.
  • You get access to every feature that makes QL the world’s leading digital signage platform.

Why use QL Player on Samsung SoC digital signage screens?

QL Player for Tizen is a proprietary media player software that delivers unmatched performance and reliability on Samsung SoC hardware. This native media player software supports every QL feature and is fully compatible with every other hardware platform Navori Labs supports. Install QL on every Windows PC, Android device and SoC smart TV and take advantage of a unified experience. With QL, you can deploy different media player hardware out in the field and manage your entire network from a single CMS platform.

Staff members can easily add, manage, and support new players regardless of the underlying technology. You save on training, support and maintenance costs.

QL offers many useful features, including:

  • QL Mobile – control your Samsung digital signage screens using any smartphone or tablet. Modify your programming, edit data feeds, reboot players and control the volume of any screen.
  • Write your own code using the QL APIs to bypass the user interface and automate our software. Integrate QL with your business intelligence and ad booking systems. Use automation to save time and be more efficient.
  • Use any data feed to play or trigger QL-managed content based on your own playback rules. Congratulate employees when your business exceeds its performance goals. Advertise products based on stocking levels or weather observations. The possibilities are endless.
  • QL’s player synchronization feature lets you ensure your content is perfectly in-sync when it’s shown on multiple screens. This is a great feature when installing Samsung Tizen screens in convention centers and other large venues.
  • Tag any content to ensure it can only be shown on specific screens. Enforce content rules and make sure portrait content will only be shown on the right screens. Eliminate human error and deliver professional results.

Supported QL player digital signage features

  • Feature SSSP 4,5 and 6
    Easy Setup 1 minute
    Maximum playback resolution / Fps 1920*1080 pixel @30Fps
    Pixel perfect for LED displays
    Sophisticated template rendering – multi-zone, multi-object

    Templates within template rendering

    Cross-player content synchronization

    Interactivity Touch/USB/Smartphone/Camera/Sensor
    Content automation

    DooH – Advertising
    Context aware automation connected to Aquaji Computer vision

    HDMI input rendering
    Remote monitoring and analytics

    Screen control on/off


Supported digital signage content

Media type Format specification

Video H.264, HEVC (H.265)

Html HTML Connected URL, 1 or 2 steps authentication*. Cross-Domain Communication policies may block authentication on Tizen.

HTML5 Download and Play

PowerPoint PPT and PPTX

Acrobat PDF

Template Image, Video and data feed

Template in template

Streaming HTTP

Video input Live video media from HDMI input


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