Unleash the power of LG WebOS displays with Navori QL Player

Unleash the power of LG WebOS displays with Navori QL Player

WebOS is LG’s powerful and versatile platform widely available in a variety of LG products. Navori Labs partnered with LG in order to develop QL Player software that is purpose built for LG WebOS SoC displays. Navori recommends using LG displays running WebOS version 4 or newer, and our QL player software ca be installed directly on the display without the need for additional devices.

LG WebOS displays combined with Navori QL Player software allows network operators and end-users to save space, ensure the highest quality of content playback, and lower the overall maintenance cost of any installation.

What's included?

LG WebOS SoC displays deliver QL users a solid hardware solution with four main features:

  • Professional-grade rendering,  featuring sophisticated template rendering and flawless media transitions across all of your screens.
  • A fully Plug and Play experience for any type of digital signage deployment. Total support for every screen size and orientation with easy maintenance.
  • QL Player supports LG WebOS versions 4 and above.
  • Full support of all QL Digital Signage features and toolsets, including player monitoring and media proof-or-play reporting.

Supported QL player digital signage features

Feature WebOS 4+
Easy Setup 1 minute
Maximum playback resolution / Fps 3840*2160 pixel @60Fps
Pixel perfect for LED displays

Sophisticated template rendering – multi-zone, multi-object

Templates within template rendering

Cross-player content synchronization

Interactivity Touch/USB/Smartphone/Camera/Sensor
Content automation

DooH – Advertising

Context aware automation connected to Aquaji Computer vision

HDMI input rendering
Remote monitoring and analytics

Screen control on/off HDMI CEC


Supported digital signage content

Media type Format specification

Video H.264, HEVC (H.265)

Html HTML5 Download and Play, Chromium 79

HTML Connected URL, 1 or 2 steps authentication. Cross-Domain Communication policies may block authentication on WebOS.

PowerPoint PPT and PPTX

Acrobat PDF

Template Image, Video and data feed

Template in template

Streaming HTTP

Video input Live video media from HDMI input


Benefits vs. an external media player device

LG WebOS SoC displays make digital signage installations and deployments simple and convenient. The built-in SoC delivers performant and reliable content playback without the need for an external media player device. Simply power on the the display, connect it to the internet, install Navori QL player and you are ready go. Additional benefits include:

  • Eliminate the need for additional connecters and display cables.
  • Easy setup and configuration of lg signage via integrated WebOS menu.
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Reduced overall hardware costs per digital signage endpoint.
  • WebOS is developer friendly.

Why use LG WebOS displays?

LG’s range of commercial System on Chip (SoC) digital signage displays with WebOS give users a proven, all-in-one digital signage display option. LG WebOS screens feature a powerful, fully integrated SoC that features refined quad-core processing power. Other popular specifications include the internal 8GB memory, built-in Wi-Fi, wake on LAN and Smart Energy Savings mode.

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