Conference Center Digital Signage for a Better Visitor Experience

Here's how to use strategically located screens in convention centers and exhibition halls.

Exhibition halls are large open spaces with high visitor traffic that benefit from digital signage screens. These screens are great for communicating with exhibition and convention attendees.

Exhibition halls have two main areas.

  • The exhibition hall changes layout from one event to the next
  • The public areas rarely change. These include hallways, food courts, meeting spaces, and other fixed locations.

Exhibition center staff manages the digital signage screens in and around public areas. Exhibitors are responsible for the screens at their stands. QL lets both types of users work together on a single platform.

Digital signage is also used to manage conference room occupancy, display event programs, and show on-demand wayfinding information. Restaurants and food court tenants also use digital menu boards in their respective areas.

Some exhibition hall operators rely on digital signage screens for third-party advertising. Many use QL’s advertising campaign management module to automate this process.

Exhibition staff members use QL to guarantee advertising coverage based on agreed-upon impression targets. QL then inserts the appropriate number of ads to reach the client’s impression numbers. Staff members can even generate campaign preview reports for their clients.

Product Features

QL offers all the features you need to inform, engage and entertain convention attendees and visitors alike.

Innovation Signage

Collaborative Content Management System – CMS

Digital signage screens positioned at the entrance of exhibition venues are managed from a central system. Building managers take charge of screens located in hallways and conference rooms, while food court staff members manage their own programming. Everyone works from the same software platform with access rights managed by a designated administrator.

Staff working in different areas use QL to collaborate together. They create content and monitor their media player devices to ensure everything is running smoothly.

QL Content Manager users are assigned a profile that is consistent with their responsibilities. IT maintenance workers can monitor and service digital signage devices, while the marketing team creates and manages the content. QL Content Manager features its own content approval system. A designated staff member gets to review content published by other employees before it is shown on screen.

Convention centers and exhibition halls are large organizations with many departments that must work together on tight deadlines. QL Content Manager is very easy to learn and a joy to use. The software’s user interface includes several collaborative features that help people be more productive.

  • An integrated content approval system.
  • Real-time player monitoring with automated email alerts.
  • User roles and custom domains. Control staff access to specific features and screens.

Traffic Analytics – Computer Vision

Exhibition centers measure their performance on the basis of number of visitors and exhibitors. Since the center operator’s business is to obtain value from space rented to exhibitors and from advertising space, Navori offers an analytics solution that uses Aquaji computer vision software to add value to the space.

Aquaji provides the exhibition center with data such as building occupancy on any day of the week or time of day and enables it to inform exhibitors of the numbers of people passing through the corridors for the same show held the year before and measure the waiting time for restaurants and occupancy of rooms.

Conference Room Digital Signage

QL-powered digital signage displays show meetings currently in progress, and any upcoming meetings at conference room entrances. For example, QL can interface directly with Microsoft  365 and Google Calendar. When rooms have been assigned their own calendars, staff members book the space using their software of choice. QL can retrieve this data and display it in real time.

Strategically installed conference room digital signage displays a list of current and upcoming events to inform visitors. Screens are updated constantly with the most current information.

Digital signage screens in other areas can display a range of useful real-time information, including:

  • Flight departure times from the nearest airport.
  • Local news and weather forecasts.
  • Alert messages in case of fire or other emergencies.
corporate meeting room digital signage

Interactive Wayfinders

Wayfinding applications rely on touchscreens and interactive maps to help orient visitors as they make their way to their destination. In most cases, interactive maps are created using HTML5. When someone points to a location using the on-screen map, a video or an animation pops up to provide directions.

The QL digital signage software platform supports HTML5 natively so it’s easy to manage and deploy your existing content. QL Player can also display an attractor loop with a mix of content when there is no one using the screen.

Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants

Exhibition hall food courts use digital menu boards to advertise and display their products. QL features a data feed management tool that lets restaurant staff manage their own content with ease. On-site staff can also use QL Mobile to edit product names, descriptions, and product images using their smartphone or tablet.

Digital Signage Advertising – DooH

For applications used to sell advertising space, Aquaji provides advertisers with proof of display with, for each display, how many people had the screen in their field of vision, how many looked at the advertisement, or simply a count of vehicles.

Benefits of using QL Software


Exhibitions and conferences can be huge events that last only a few days. Your convention center digital signage software must be highly reliable. It should support server redundancy, load-balancing, and failover to ensure the best performance possible regardless of the workload.

QL’s convention center digital signage software is renowned for its versatility. It provides real-time player monitoring and can send email alert notifications so your IT staff can react quickly. The QL Player software is resilient and features a watchdog app that ensures high reliability at all times.


Exhibition and convention centers often occupy very large buildings with different size screens in portrait and landscape orientations. Screen types may also vary throughout the property. For example, you will often find interactive tablets, TV screens, and outdoor LED displays on the same site.

QL is the perfect companion to your exhibition hall or convention center project. QL supports the widest range of media player devices. You can install QL Player on Windows PCs, Android devices, and many brands of System on Chip TVs. QL Player features Pixel Perfect rendering to ensure your content plays at the best quality on any LED display.

Video Wall Support:

QL Player supports multiple screen installations on Windows PCs and Navori Labs’ own Stix 3700 Android device. Deploy and manage engaging video walls on a common software platform.

Display perfectly synchronized content over multiple media players running the QL Player software. This feature is essential for professional digital signage installations in large venues. Your content plays fully synchronized down to 1/30th of a second.

Alert Messaging:

Instantly trigger evacuation notices and alarms from your smartphone, emergency data feed, or from a third-party software system. Trigger messages using the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) without any staff member involvement. Help keep your venue secure and accessible.

Frequently Asked questions

What is convention center digital signage used for?

Convention centers use digital signage to display visitor-focused content that entertains and informs. During show set-up and outside visitor hours, digital signage screens assist convention organizers and exhibitors with instant messages, instructions, and informational updates.

How do I know if convention center digital signage is a good option for my business?

Digital signage is perfect communication and advertising tool for convention center operators and trade show organizers:

  • Exhibitors can take advantage of your ad planning to market their products during an event, instantly increasing your ROI.
  • Provide co-branding opportunities and modify the content prior to each event.
What kind of content can I use for my convention center digital signage?

Trade show content is provided by show organizers and exhibitors alike. Consider social media content to provide live updates and attendee feedback, on and around the show floor. Adapt content duration to the location. Use shorter content where there is heavy traffic and longer content when you have a captive audience.

Where can convention center digital signage be used?

Digital signage displays are installed at each event’s entrance point, inside halls, and near meeting rooms. Ideal locations are where there is the highest foot traffic and near food courts where people tend to congregate.