QL Player Hardware Requirements

QL Player Hardware Requirements

External Media Player Devices

A digital media player is an electronics device designed for the storage, playback, or viewing of digital media content.

Platform Operating System Learn more
Stix 3700 Android 9 Explore STiX
Microsoft Windows PC Windows 11, 32 and 64 bits Explore Windows
Brightsign XT BrightSign OS 8 Explore BrightSign
Innes DMB400 / SMA300 Gekkota OS Explore Innes
LG-WP400 WebOS 4 Explore LG
Samsung SBB – SSN SSSP 4,5 and 6 Explore Samsung

All-In-One Commercial Screens

Commercial televisions, are specifically engineered to continuously operate between 16 and 24 hours per day, and up to 7 days per week. SoC stands for System on Chip. It’s is embedding a media player that replaces the traditional playback device and its cables.

Screens Operating System Learn more
Sony Bravia Android 11 Explore Sony
Samsung Tizen 4,5 and 6 Explore Samsung
LG WebOS 4 and 6 Explore LG
Philips Android 8 Explore Philips

Touchscreen Tablets

Tablets provide an attractive and user-friendly design. The tablets can be pre-installed, optionally, with Windows or Android system. It offer sophisticated technology that can withstand harsh handling conditions, making it the perfect match for commercial digital signage use.

Platform Operating System Learn more
Elo Android 10 Explore ELO
Philips Android 7 Explore Philips
Qeedji OS Gekkota eLinux Explore Qeedji