Engage your Customers Using Lift and Learn Digital Signage

You can rely on Navori Labs’ QL software to create memorable lift and learn digital signage experiences for your customers.

The Lift and Learn Digital Signage Challenge

Retailers facing stiff competition from popular e-commerce sites are rethinking how people shop. Its why retail digital signage is going interactive, with experiences like lift and learn digital signage that focus on the customer experience.

To remain relevant and give customers a reason to visit, retailers are working hard to find ways to make shopping more fun. It’s important to note that shoppers often rate their experience based on the time it takes for someone to provide service.

Perceived wait times are a core component of the customer experience. Lift and learn is designed to deliver just that.

The QL Software Solution

Let’s see how lift and learn works.

First, retail items are placed on a table or other support accessible to shoppers. Nearby sensors detect a person’s proximity and can tell if someone interacts with the item. As soon as the person touches or lifts the item off the table, a nearby digital signage screen starts playing an ad or an informational clip about the product. Any currently scheduled media is instantly interrupted and the product-specific content takes over the screen.

If the shopper picks up more than one item, the digital signage screen can show information that lets the viewer compare each product’s features. This technique is commonly used for high-tech products like smartphones and other small devices that are easy to pick-up. However, the technique can also be applied to many other small items like bottled fragrances, watches or other luxury items.

Lift and learn digital signage requires a PC or Navori Labs Stix 3700. System-on-chip screens do not currently support this feature so they are not suitable for this application.

Lift and learn helps promote sales

Retailers implement lift and learn technology in their stores to help shoppers improve their experience. Interacting with an item helps promote customer engagement and better-informed shoppers make better purchasing decisions.

How does it work?

Sensors, like RFID tags, are installed on or near the products you wish to monitor. When someone picks up a product, nearby digital signage screens automatically show pre-programmed content related to that product.

Your digital signage screens instantly return to regular store programming when the product is returned to its cradle or other specified location.

The content shown while the item is being manipulated can be a video explaining its use, an advertisement, or promotional content, like a new in-store special or other offer. Lift and learn digital signage is also a great way to promote your brand and improve customer loyalty.

This new technology can benefits other applications:

  • Museums use the technology to create more interesting exhibits where visitors can interact with items to learn about specific topics.
  • Automobile dealerships use the technology in their showrooms to provide technical specifications or to promote optional features and accessories.

How does QL support lift and learn?

The QL digital signage platform supports lift and learn with these features:

  • Smart Content Playback – Non-technical QL software users create simple rules that control what’s shown on screen based on live data feeds from any external sensor or device. QL supports several types of data types including XML.
  • QL API: The QL Player API lets application developers integrate our software with external sensors to trigger any content. QL Player will respond and trigger the desired content instantly.
    • Trigger any QL supported content, including videos, images, web pages, interactive apps, and templates.
    • Assign different content based on the item that has been picked up.
  • QL Analytics provides detailed proof-of-play information about all content shown on screen. This includes any content triggered by a lift and learn event. This information is extremely useful to marketers and advertisers as they can assess the effectiveness of their retail programs.

How to publish lift and learn content in QL

Here is how you update content using smart content rules:

  • Create and publish your daily/weekly regular content programming.
  • Drag the lift and learn item into the Trigger folder.
  • Edit the item’s triggering rule, so the software knows how to interpret the sensor’s data feed.
  • Publish your content to the players.

When someone picks up an item, QL Player instantly reads the data from the sensor and triggers the corresponding content. When the item is returned to its original position, the process is reversed and the regularly scheduled content resumes.

Note: Interaction is not limited to someone picking up an item. The same trigger feature can be used with other types of sensors, such as motion detectors, flipping a switch, or pressing on a button. QL can communicate with any third-party device or system using data feeds and its API.


Lift and learn digital signage is a great way to get your message out there. With Digital Signage for lift and learn, you can engage with your audience and get them to lift and learn about your product or service. This type of signage is interactive and engaging, and it’s a great way to get people to remember your brand. Plus, lift and learn digital signage is easy to use and install, so you can get started right away. So if you’re looking for a way to increase brand awareness and engagement, lift and learn digital signage is the way to go.

Frequently Asked questions

Who should use lift and learn?

It’s accessible to any type of business or organization.

Common uses that get shoppers’ attention include:

  • High-tech retail: smartphones, headphones, wearable tech, gaming.
  • Luxury retail: watches, sunglasses, automobiles.
  • Convenience retail: wine and liquor, beer.
  • Experiences: museums, visitor centers.
Why is QL a good platform for lift and learn applications?

QL supports lift and learn through its proprietary APIs and Smart Content Playback features. The QL Platform can be adapted to operate with any external device, sensor, or third-party software to deliver the best shopper/visitor experience.

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