Digital Signage as Emergency Alert Software

Instantly and automatically broadcast critical safety warnings and notifications across an entire digital signage screen network with QL’s digital signage emergency alert software.

Digital Signage as Emergency Alert Software

The Emergency Messaging Challenge

When emergencies occur, it is crucial to promptly and dependably communicate your message. By integrating third-party systems like QL, you can effectively display digital signage emergency alerts and notifications on your digital signage screens using emergency notification software products.

The QL Software Solution for Emergency Alerts

By using Navori Labs’ QL Digital Signage Software, you can equip yourself for any situation. Instantly displaying emergency alerts and notifications on screens worldwide becomes possible with this software.

QL offers three methods to activate alert content:

Firstly, establish a connection with a Common Alert Protocol (CAP) source, such as a corporate office or institutional building management system. When the source triggers an alert, each QL Player activates the corresponding alert message on the screen. You can create the alert message within QL or upload it to the system. Navori QL digital signage software adheres to CAP standards.

Secondly, employ the QL Server API to directly communicate with each QL Player using a device or third-party software app. This triggers the appropriate content, resulting in the instant appearance of the alert on all affected screens.

Thirdly, create a middleware app that interfaces with a physical device. When an emergency arises, the device generates a data feed that QL utilizes to trigger an alert across your screens.

The QL screen alert software is available in both cloud and on-premise versions, ensuring full compatibility with third-party alert systems.

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How to trigger alerts and notifications across your digital signs?

When an emergency arises, the transition from regular programming to triggered content on your digital signs occurs promptly. This rapid switch is facilitated by QL, making it a highly effective system for promptly notifying individuals.

Once the emergency has been resolved, your regular programming seamlessly resumes without any user intervention. The process of configuring automated alerts is swift and straightforward, necessitating no intricate programming or extensive training.

conditional triggering rules

Rely on the QL alert system to keep people safe

The QL digital signage software platform supports the CAP messaging standard. Using CAP, local authorities and public emergency organizations can automatically trigger emergency messages and urgent notifications across any QL-managed display. The process is fully automated and uses QL’s rule-based conditional triggering features. Users simply define the triggering rules and select a data source to monitor. When the result is true, the corresponding content is triggered. The same method can be used to broadcast any other type of message in public and private spaces.

Trigger alerts on any screen from your smartphone

QL Mobile lets users trigger any content on any screen right from their smartphone or tablet. There is no local software to install or maintain. QL Mobile’s simple UI is delivered as a modern HTML5 app.

Simply launch it from your phone’s web browser to trigger individual content or entire playlists. When the emergency is over, switch back to previously programmed content instantly.

Target individual screens or entire screen networks from anywhere. Use QL Mobile as your own public alert and warning system on school campuses, in corporate offices or in hospitals.


Be prepared for any situation

Navori Labs has collaborated with emergency alert notification providers worldwide to develop a dependable and secure notification system. Our software has undergone testing and validation for various emergency scenarios.

Enhance the safety of building occupants with the QL digital signage software platform:

  • Automatically activate real-time alerts and emergency notifications on all screens, regardless of their geographic location.
  • QL Player is capable of displaying alert notifications on individual screens, video walls, and System-on-Chip screens. QL is compatible with diverse hardware environments, ensuring reliable delivery of your notifications.
  • Utilize QL’s tagging feature to target specific locations or individual screens. Tagged content will only be displayed on players that share the corresponding tag. This feature proves particularly useful when showcasing directional information or highly localized notifications.

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About common alerting protocol (CAP)

CAP is a secure, standard format for sharing public warnings and emergency notices. Navori Labs’ QL digital signage software follows CAP rules. This means it can receive CAP messages and use them right away. It can also send out CAP emergency messages through both current and new public alert systems.

This process is fully automatic, using QL’s rules for triggering. Users just set the rules and choose a data source to watch. When the conditions are met, the right content is shown immediately. This method works for any kind of message, in both public and private areas.


QL’s emergency alert software quickly and automatically sends important safety warnings and notifications to all your digital signage screens. This makes it a powerful tool for emergency communication.

Using digital signage for emergency alerts offers several benefits:

  • Fast communication with a large audience.
  • Customizing the message for your audience.
  • Easily updating the message in real-time.
  • Digital signage is more noticeable than other forms of communication.

If you need to share emergency alerts effectively, digital signage is a great choice. QL’s emergency notification software makes sure your message gets to the right people.

Frequently Asked questions

What can alert messaging do for my organization?

Alert messages are a critical part of any public safety and emergency alerting system. Broadcast messages using our screen alert software to inform the public of any imminent threat and guide people to safety. Alert messages can also inform large groups in a public area when there are severe weather alerts and other dangerous situations.

How does Navori QL support alert messaging standards?

QL’s Data Feed Manager can synchronize data from multiple sources, including RSS, XML, social media feeds, and many others. Most alert messaging systems use XML as their native data format making it ideal for this application.

How to trigger alerts and notifications across your digital signs?

When an emergency occurs, the content on your digital signage screens instantly switches from regular programming to the triggered content. This makes QL a very effective alert notification system.

Once the emergency is over, your regular programming automatically resumes without any user intervention. Setting up automated alerts is quick and easy. There is no programming or in-depth training required.

What is CAP in terms of digital signage alerts?

In the context of digital signage, CAP stands for Content Automation Protocol. Content Automation Protocol is a standard or set of protocols that allows for seamless communication and integration between different components and software systems involved in digital signage networks.

By adhering to the Content Automation Protocol, digital signage solutions can leverage the benefits of a unified and interoperable ecosystem. It allows for easier integration of various software and hardware components, reduces compatibility issues, and simplifies the deployment and management of digital signage networks.

It’s worth noting that CAP is not a single specific protocol or standard, but rather a concept or framework that can be implemented using various existing protocols and technologies, such as XML, JSON, FTP, MQTT, or web services. The specific implementation of CAP may vary depending on the digital signage platform or solution provider.

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