Video Walls and Multi-Display Signage Scenarios

Video Walls and Multi-Display Signage Scenarios

Many digital menu boards, digital signage video walls, and multi-display installations rely on a single PC equipped with a multi-output PC/graphic card running digital signage player software. Each screen is assigned to a specific video output and managed using a single QL Player license.

In such installations, each display maintains its native resolution, whether it’s full HD (1080p) or 4k. QL Player is certified to ensure smooth playback of three native 4K videos with frame-accurate synchronization. The total resolution can reach 15360 x 2160 pixels, which corresponds to 12 screens running at a 1080p native resolution.

Native digital signage software players like Navori QL effectively handle multiple screens. They can render a 1080p video clip while utilizing only 5% of the PC’s CPU capacity. This software product accesses the hardware at a low level, optimizing performance.

Recommended hardware configuration

Windows PC comparable to IBASE SI60-E or a standard PC using the latest generation Intel i7 processor equipped with 32GB of RAM and an SSD storage drive. One or two AMD Firepro W600 graphics cards.

GPU features used in digital signage for video walls and multi-display

  • To improve graphics performance and preserve screen layouts, QL digital signage software allows you to group multiple screens into a single virtual display of up to 10,000 pixels.
  • The bezel compensation feature helps compensate for the thickness of bezel frames when placing two screens side by side.
  • In multi-screen mode with projectors, the image overlap compensation feature superimposes the video zones of each projector for a perfect match.
  • With Extended Display Identification Data (EDID), you can simulate the screen’s state, even if screens are powered off. This is particularly useful in cases of PC player reboot or power failures.

QL is a native video wall and multi-display player featuring the most advanced capabilities.

Video wall SFR Paris France

The benefits

Multi-display digital signage video walls are an effective way to grab people’s attention and communicate a message in a dynamic and eye-catching way. The benefits of using this technology for digital signage are numerous and can help businesses and organizations in a variety of ways.

  1. Multi-display digital signage video walls increase visibility by covering large areas, making them ideal for advertising, branding, and promotions. They attract attention with high-definition visuals across multiple screens.
  2. The flexibility of multi-display digital signage video walls allows businesses to quickly and easily change content, tailoring messages to specific audiences or events. Scheduling different content at different times maximizes impact.
  3. Compared to traditional advertising methods, multi-display digital signage video walls are cost-effective. Frequent and remote content updates save money on printing and distribution.
  4. Multi-display digital signage video walls enhance the customer experience by creating immersive and engaging interactions. Interactive content and gamification elements can be displayed, allowing customers to interact with the brand or products.
  5. These video walls drive sales by promoting products and services in an attention-grabbing manner. Attractive and relevant content entices customers to make purchases or learn more about offerings.
  6. Multi-display digital signage video walls facilitate better information dissemination. They efficiently distribute important information to large groups, such as emergency updates, wayfinding directions, or educational material.