Create Intelligent Self-Managed Content

Create Intelligent Self-Managed Content

Imagine content that adjusts to local events and user-defined rules in real-time, accessible to everyone right from the Navori QL interface

The Navori QL Digital Signage Platform features a conditional triggering mechanism that allows you to pre-program data feed-based rules and conditions in order to trigger specific media or playlists for immediate (Conditional Trigger) or conditional (Play If) playback on screen.

The Navori system will actively monitor specific values in the data feed of your choosing based on the smart rules you configured in the CMS (see screenshot below). Once the data satisfies the programmed conditions or rules the appropriate content will appear on your players screen immediately. Trigger commands are relayed to the remote players via a web socket connection; thus, the reaction of the players will be immediate.

Conditional triggering is suitable for:

Emergency notifications and alerts (CAP etc.)
• Weather, traffic and news-based alerts
Conditional media playback
Data driven promotions
• Inventory management and alerts
Restaurant/QSR order confirmation

Play If


  • Retail: Promote new products, remove ads for out-of-stock items, display content according to local weather conditions
  • Restaurants, QSR: Fully dynamic menu boards controlled by Business Intelligence data and point of sale systems that feature digital order taking

This feature is available on all platforms

  • External player hardware: Windows PCs and Navori Stix 3700
  • Integrated player hardware (System on Chip): Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony, Elo, Sharp.

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